1. Room To Grow

From the recording Room To Grow

This song was re-written three times, while dog sitting for my brother. :) It was originally a love song, I guess because that is the easiest way for me to express emotions. I let myself write it that way, but when it was finished, I knew there was something much deeper going on inside myself that I wanted to work through. I kept the melody and the rhythm, but the verses and chorus changed completely.


I'm thinking that the time has come I'm seeing that the future's clear I know that if I'm feeling scared My faith will take away all my fears My angels will not let me down They're standing with me here and now I know no matter what I do I'll do my best to live in love and truth *Chorus And if I need to give myself a little more room to grow If I need to give myself a little more space I know It will be okay I'll find my way This life is sometimes hard for me Good endings may be hard to see So I'll focus on what's in my reach And seize the chance to set my spirit free * This life this life Oh I'm just passing through This life this life I'm gonna do what I have to do *